BOSM Advice: On Nails – Part 2, Style

Now that we have settled on a material for our nail, we now must answer the ever important question of style.

There are almost as many shape and size combinations for nails as there are strains of cannabis, and producers are constantly coming up with new designs. Each style of nail has its own pros and cons, a few of which we will go into here.

First, is the age-old debate between a domed and domeless nails. While the dome can help the nail retain heat and save you from a nasty burn if you’re not paying attention, it requires a smaller nail in order to fit both on the joint and is another piece of glass to break to boot. Since there is no discernible drop-off in dab quality between the two, we believe that domeless nails are superior for both their size, as well as their reduction of potential breakages.

So now that we have settled on a getting a domeless quartz nail, the last major question we need to ask is what shape will it be? While there are a plethora of different shapes that quartz nails will come in, here we will look at two of the most popular ones and our favorites.

Quave Club Banger: The nail of choice for many dab heads, the club banger was invented by the glassblower Quave and quickly became one of the “hot” (excuse the pun) items to have if you were serious about dabbing. A relatively simple design and able to hold large dabs, the club banger is very solid choice for most dabbing needs.

Pukinbeagle Thermal P: A relative newcomer to the nail scene, the Thermal P banger has been making waves recently and is notoriously hard to track down. Made in Colorado, these bangers feature a two-chamber design that allows for consistent heating all throughout the nail and keeps oil from slipping down the neck. The Thermal P also requires that you have a specially made carb cap which fit the opening at the top of the nail and allows the user control of airflow direction. This is a great nail, if you can find one.

It is hard to go wrong with either of these two nails, the Club Banger has a slight edge in usability since you do not need a particular carb cap to effectively use it, but the Thermal P has an advantage when it comes to heating properly and keeping your rig clean. Of course, these are just two options when it comes to nail styles and there are many, many more out there. We chose these because they are both guaranteed to be taste great and last a long time, but everyone has their own personal favorite and don’t let us stop you from dabbing the way you want as long as you remember to be kind and share with your friends.

A note on knockoffs: I know what you are thinking, “well Mr. Blogger, it’s all well and good to say we should buy these nails, but I don’t have $250 dollars to buy a Pukinbeagle and cap. Can’t I just buy a knockoff one for $5 off DHGate? Surely they aren’t that much worse.” In brief, yes, they are that much worse. You get what you pay for when it comes to nails and when you by one for $5 there is a not insignificant chance that you will get more than just quartz. This can include all sorts of nasty things that you do not want to be smoking. So if you do not want to buy a name brand nail, you should make sure that you are at least buying 100% American made quartz.