BOSM Advice: On Nails

So you’ve got hash, your fancy new dab rig, and are excited to try it out. The only problem is that you a need a new nail and are overwhelmed by all the options. Do you go domed or domeless, a club banger or thermal p? Is it worth it to buy the brand names, or can you just order one made from China? What about E-nails? Do not worry intrepid traveler we will answer all your questions here in the three-part Official BOSM Labs Nail guide.


The first, and ultimately most important, thing to consider when shopping for a nail is what it will be made of. For this, there are generally three options to choose from: quartz, titanium, and ceramic. Each of these materials has their own pros and cons so ultimately it will be up to you, the user, to decide what you are looking for in a nail.

First is ceramic. These nails are made of all natural elements and are the best of the three at heat retention. On the flip side of that, they also take the longest to heat up and as such you will likely wait comparatively long from when you first torch it to when you can dab. While not as flimsy as quartz is, ceramic can break from heat stress and impacts with enough force.

Second is titanium. The most sturdy of all the nails, titanium is second to ceramic when it comes to heat retention, and predictably, second to quartz in terms of heating time. These nails will never break on you. The biggest drawbacks are that it is susceptible to oxidation as well titanium being the worst at carrying flavor of any nail.

Third is quartz, our favorite type of nail. Starting with the negatives, quartz is the easiest to break of any nail and has the worst heat retention. Its sub-par heat retention is countered however by its ability to get hot quicker than any other type of nail. In addition to that, quartz is widely considered to have the best flavor of any nail. It is mainly for this reason that we like them so much. Our concentrates are made to preserve as much terpene flavor as possible and, in our experience, quartz nails are the best medium to translate that flavor to you.

That does it for part 1 of the Official BOSM Labs Nail Guide! Check the link below for Part 2: “Style”.

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