Why Live Resin?

Hey you. Yeah you, person growing weed over there. I notice those plants are flushing right now, do you have any plans for what you are going to do with them once they are ready to come down? No, but you’ve been thinking about either just curing it to smoke or maybe having it run into shatter? Well both of those options sound fine, but have you considered turning you great looking flower into even better looking Live Resin?

Now, you might be thinking that the freezing of plants fresh is a daunting process and the results might not be worth the effort. Well think again because BOSM Labs is here to break down why it is.


While it may seem like the added step of freezing the plant right as it is cut down is extra work when you are working through a harvest, it actually will end up making life easier for you and your team. This is because while it adds the relatively simple step of freezing your plants, it gets rid of the need to trim and cure your buds.

This not only means less time bent over your plants with scissors making them look pretty, but less down time between when your plants are cut down and you are taking dabs of fresh tasting Live Resin. This provides a convenient segue to the other big reason why you should turn your plants into whole plant fresh frozen Live Resin…

The Taste:

You care about your plants. Clones are cut from “mothers” and shortly after they are planted become your children. You then spend months making sure that they are comfortable and can reach the potential that you know they can achieve. Whether it is dealing with some PM that just wont go away or pesky thrips, you are never far away to make sure your plants get the attention they need.

Once those plants are cut down, you want to be able to taste your hard work from the first hit and then pat yourself on the back for a job well done. In addition to reducing the time you need to wait for that first taste, turning your plants into Live Resin will ensure that what you are tasting is as close to the natural terpene profile of a living plant as possible.

This is because as soon as the plant is cut down the terpenes begin to degrade, and with them goes the flavors and smells you have already worked so hard to preserve. By freezing the plant shortly after it is cut down, you stop that degradation process right in its tracks. This is the process that ultimately causes Live Resin to have the sauce like consistency that has come to be associated with it due to the terpenes being liquid in their extracted form. What’s left are concentrates that routinely have half their weight in terpenes which creates an unrivaled aroma and taste sensation.

So in conclusion, turning your flower into Live Resin not only saves you time and labor between when its cut and when you can smoke it, but it also gives you a flavor that is most representative of the plant that you worked so hard to make great. Really the only question left is what are you waiting for?