Resin vs. Rosin: What’s In A Letter?

With new products and extraction techniques constantly rising to prominence in the wide-world of cannabis concentrates, it can be hard to keep everything straight.

One source of confusion that we have seen a lot of is the distinction between Resin, particularly of the live variety, and Rosin, a product that may be distinct by only one letter, but requires a completely different extraction process. That is why we are here today, to clear the air once and for all about the differences between rosin and resin. In the past, we’ve talked a lot about what Live Resin is and what sets it apart from other kinds of concentrates which you can ready about here and here. Because of that, this post is going to be mostly focused on pressing rosin in particular.

First popularized by the Instagram user Soilgrown, a solventless hash producer from Southern California, the art of making rosin is all about the correct application of heat and pressure to either hash, or the nug directly. Soilgrown introduced the world to this tech via a series of videos where he demonstrated how, by putting hash between two pieces of parchment paper and pressing down on both sides with a heated hair straightener, dabbable extracts could be produced in little to no time from the comfort of one’s own home.

Solventless hash has been made as long as people have been smoking weed, by heating and compressing the hash you are able to separate cannabinoids and terpenes from the left-over plant material. The result is a wonderful clear oil that is oftentimes indistinguishable from regular BHO. This method process doesn’t stop at just being able to turn hash into hash oil, it can also produce dab ready product from most flower. By replacing the hash with cured nug in the parchment, you can go from plant to dab in minutes, an exciting prospect for the home extraction artist.

It is worth noting that pressing out cured buds can have some unintended consequences. By heating and pressing, you might extract something extra from your flower (such as unwanted pesticides) that are left out during the hydrocarbon extraction process.

That said, rosin production has come a long way since the days of pressing with a hair straightener.

Now there are industrial-sized presses and extractors which have been able to get the terpene-cannabinoid separation that most people associate with Live Resin sauce. The fact that there are a number of extraction methods which can produce amazing concentrates is something we are grateful for every day. BOSM Labs is dedicated to producing the highest quality Live Resin, and we love seeing the amazing work done by other extractors to similarly refine their craft.

Whether you prefer you concentrates squished, or frozen and blasted, with all the amazing products being made nowadays there has never been a better time to be a dabber! So get out there, pick up some sauce and get yourself dabbing.