The Homie Two Bang and the Importance of Sharing

When it comes to cannabis, sharing is caring.

Whether its passing a joint to a friendly neighbor at a concert or dabbing your friend down when they leave their hash at home, spreading the love is one of the pillars that holds up this amazing community that we find ourselves a part of.

While nowadays people living in the veritable oases of cannabis that are the legal states of Colorado, Washington and Oregon, amongst others, have an abundance of high quality, affordable cannabis it was not always this easy.

Many of you out there will remember the days when a group of friends would get together and everyone would “throw five” on a bag to split for that days sesh. This ritual of pitching in five dollars was so well known it inspired one of the classic rap songs of the 1990s and even a mediocre direct-to-dvd movie.

Unfortunately, this classic tradition was one born out of necessity in those dank-rupt times when there was not enough nug to go around. As a result, scores of people were largely excluded from the cypher that they could not afford to throw down on.

This, in turn, gave rise to another tradition in my hometown that that is slightly less well known than throwing five, the homie two bang. The universal basic income of the high school weed smoking scene, the homie two bang was the idea that even if you couldn’t afford to throw five and be a full-fledged member of the session, everyone at least was entitled to one puff-puff pass or one good bong rip simply by virtue of being present.

At its core, the homie two bang represented an understanding that we are all in this together, as smokers and as people.

Even in those dry times when you could only buy dubs that were .8 grams, there was an understanding that this plant was meant to be shared by the masses and enjoyed amongst friends.

Behind the homie two bang was the idea that even when there is not much to go around, there is always enough to help out a friend in need, a sentiment that the world could do with more of in this day and age. Even though now many of us live in places where people don’t need “throw five on it” in order to get down on a blunt, the message remains the same, “Think about your fellow stoner and don’t forget to smoke up a friend when they need it.”

Words that anyone can live by.