BOSM Labs Math – Getting High with Numbers

Where are you going off to so soon hashheads?!  I know you saw “math” in the title here and suddenly found yourselves back in 8th grade Algebra with sweaty palms, a furrowed brow, and palpitating temples. But fear not fellow cannasseur – no crimp notes needed here!

At BOSM Labs, we may get high, but we know our stuff – we are out to educate and help you keep perspective with the universal language of time and space: mathematics.

It is understandably easy to take for granted the application of mathematical principles in our new and growing industry, but ever since Donald Duck took an adventure in Mathmagicland,  typically disinterested audiences have been able to  suddenly find the humor, beauty, and most importantly practicality, in such analysis.

Take THC potency for example.  Most people are familiar with the percentage breakdowns of THC content in their favorite strains, edibles, and concentrates, however have you ever really stopped and thought about what these numbers actually mean?  

For example, say you bought some BOSM Live Resin which happened to test at 75% total THC.  If you purchase one gram of Live Resin overall, how much THC did you actually acquire to ingest?

1 Gram Live Resin X 75% total THC = .75 Gram THC

While the highest THC plants now routinely test in the 30% range, many people don’t have access to that quality consistently.  Instead, many people, most of whom live in unenlightened places where weed is still illegal, are forced to smoke far less potent plants.  Maybe, the best they can do on average is to buy some flower that might be just north of 10% total THC – if you’re lucky. So what’s a gram of that net you in overall THC?

1 Gram Average Flower X 10% total THC = .10 Gram THC

Now comes the crucial moment: how to get your brain to move past the invariable, “Who cares?”

There are all kinds of interesting implications from following through on these calculations.  How do these numbers change your perception of the cost of your high? When you consider the superior taste, cleanliness, and greater potency, are you still thinking you’ll pass on the saucy G the next time your local budtender suggests you give BOSM a try?  

What about the inefficiency (albeit nostalgia) of smoking joints?  Take that average weed we talked about earlier: if you roll a 1 Gram joint and split it with 3 other friends, the most THC you could reasonably expect to net would be pretty far south of 2.5 mgs:

1 Gram Average Flower X 10% Total THC X 1000 (to convert to Milligrams) / 4 people = 2.5 mgs of total potential THC

On the other hand, consider the efficiency that comes from dabbing;  If you take a modest .05 g dab of the 75% Live Resin you will end up ingesting more overall THC, with plenty left to share with your 3 friends to boot!  

Don’t believe me? Check the math:

1 Gram of BOSM Labs Live Resin X 75%  Total THC X 1000 / 20 dabs of .5g each = 2.6 mgs per dab.  You and your four friends can each take 5 dabs for a total of ~10 mg each. 

That’s 4X more efficient than traditional flower! Sounds worth it if you ask us.

So, what can we conclude from all this? Pony up the extra dough, grab dab rig and some BOSM Labs Live Resin – the math doesn’t lie…