Live Resin: Great Product – Silly Name

Stop us if this sounds familiar, you’re 16 years old and its 11 o’clock on a weekday night. You’re looking to smoke one more bowl out of the spoon you bought at a store that also sells porn but you’ve run out of weed and your plug stopped answering your texts hours ago.  

Then, in an act of desperation your eyes wander to the bowl that has treated you so well for the last two years and you contemplate making the hardest decision every broke stoner is faced with at one point in their lives, how bad do you want to get high?

On one hand, you could do nothing.  Your Netflix would be slightly less funny and your snacks would taste slightly bomb, but at the end of the day you would be saved from option two, scraping that resin.

Those charred bits from a hundred bygone bowls contain just enough of the THC to guarantee a night of giggles, good cartoons, and flaming hot Cheetos, but come at a steep cost.  The taste equivalent of mixes too many colors and getting brown, these resin bits will not be a fun time.

Whether you decide to send it on the scraps or not, anyone who has squared up with the possibility has an image of cannabis resin burnt into their minds as something reserved for those who are on their last resort.

It is an interesting turn of events then, that Live Resin has become ubiquitous with unmatched flavor and concentrate quality.  Resin, has transitioned from a word which on its own is synonymous with one of the worst forms cannabis can take, to a key component of one of the best.

When you smoke Live Resin, you are presented with the closest representation of the essence of the living plant, a far cry from the harsh flavorless scraps that are its namesake.  

While this may mean nothing, we here at BOSM Labs like to think that it signals a larger shift within the marijuana industry.  It is moving away from the days of scraping bowls for the last remnants of a stash, and moving toward a bountiful and mature industry where people will not want for high quality cannabis products.  

Whether it is saucy Live Resin, delicious edibles, or soothing topicals, there is no shortage of high quality methods for consuming cannabis.  We are truly living in a golden age of marijuana and we couldn’t be happier to be contributing to it!