The story of BOSM Labs begins during the 2017 Winter X Games in Aspen, Colorado. During that weekend, what began as a passion for high-quality cannabis concentrates and a desire to be on the cutting edge of cannabis technology, was transformed from a glimmer in the eye of our founder, John Knapp, to a company that could create the products he knew the marijuana community was yearning for. And thus, BOSM Labs was born.

With a name and a mission, Knapp knew that for BOSM Labs to become successful it would need to focus its energy on perfecting one genre of concentrate rather than attempting to traverse the seemingly endless world of concentrate varieties. Luckily for Knapp, the inception of BOSM Labs coincided with the culmination of almost two years of building popularity for Live Resin, concentrates made by flash freezing fresh plant product that protects the maximum possible number of terpenes. These terpenes are found throughout nature and produce the flavors and smells we associate with most plants, from lavender in essential oils to the hops in beer. Terpenes also are the cause of the classic cannabis smells, like cheese and lemon, that many people, like us, have grown up falling in love with. The result is a concentrate that can capture the essence of the marijuana plant unlike any other and produces a multi-sensory explosion that washes over the user every time.

While the end picture was in sight, there was one more component to bring the full image of BOSM Labs into focus, the process. To do this, our R&D team developed our “Five Point Terpene Protection Plan,” a five-step process that touches on all aspects of harvesting and extracting to ensure that every time a BOSM Labs concentrate comes out of the oven, its packing as much of that terpene punch as possible.

You can read more about our “Five Point Terpene Protection Plan” here. We’d like to end this About Us section by changing the focus from us, to you, the people who make everything possible. All this talk of producing the best live resin and our Five Point Terpene Protection Plan would be for nothing if we didn’t have people who wanted to buy our product. So to you all, a very hearty thank you from the entire BOSM Labs family.

We love hearing feedback from the people who use our product, so follow the link to our Contact Us page and drop us a line.