Do’s and Don’ts

Whether you are a debutante from Georgia or a hermit from Appalachia, a little bit of manners go a long way and dabbing is no different. We wanted to break down a couple standard do’s and don’ts for dabbing so that every time you sit down for a session, you are dabbing like a pro.

DO: Take huge globs

DON’T: Forget to clean up after yourself using your preferred nail cleaning device. After every dab you should be wiping the nail to ensure that next one tastes as good as possible and you don’t ruin your nail.

We use Q-Tips, which may sound a bit odd at first but trust us, your nail will thank you. You can read more about keeping your nails fresh here.

DO: Make sure that your nail is hot enough when you take your dab

DON’T: Hit your nail when it’s red hot. It will taste terrible, be hard, and waste the dab. Whether it’s yours or your friends, no one like wasted oil so do everyone a favor and wait for your nail to cool down a little before smoking.

DO: Enjoy your dabs whenever the mood strikes you

DON’T: Leave the cap off on your jar of sauce after you dab. We work hard to ensure that you get the most terpenes possible in every jar of BOSM Labs concentrates, leaving the cap off allows the terpenes to evaporate and with them, all our hard work. It won’t ruin your concentrates, but it will lower their quality and no one wants that.

DO: Get as high you would like

DON’T: Drive a car immediately after getting as high as you like. Our concentrates regularly test at above 70% THCA which is great at giving the munchies and terrible for your ability to drive. We support safe consumption here at BOSM Labs and we want to make sure that all of our customers are able to dab safely and responsibly.

DO: Offer to heat up someone’s nail for them. It’s just the polite thing to do, especially if they are dabbing you down.

DON’T: Set the torch down anywhere afterwards. Butane torches can run at temperatures over 1000 degrees F which means that when you are done heating up your nail it is scalding hot and can burn a whole variety of things. If it still has a stand on it you should set the torch vertically but otherwise ensure that the tip isn’t set on anything that melts easily or you may have a mess on your hands.