Our Products

A short introduction:  Here at BOSM Labs we do things a little differently than most concentrate companies.  

Namely, that all plant material is frozen prior to being extracted regardless of if it is whole plant, cured nugs, or trim it will be frozen when it goes through the machine.  Even though the terpene content of concentrates made from cured nugs and trim will not be as high as that of whole plant fresh frozen Live Resin, this allows us to preserve what terps there are and produces a wetter and more flavorful concentrate.  This process leaves us with three distinct product lines:

Gold Live Resin – This is our highest end product and is made with whole plant material frozen at harvest.  

bosm gold

By freezing plant material fresh, we are able to achieve an unmatched terpene profile that result in a flavor that is as close to the living plant as possible.  The result of this process is a concentrate with a saucy consistency that is a combination of the sugary THCA crystals which provide the high, and the liquid terpenes which deliver the taste.


Silver Cured Resin – This is the BOSM equivalent of nug run concentrates.  BOSM silver

Our cured resin is made using top shelf flower and by freezing these nugs, we are able to stop the terpene degradation process in its tracks, preserving the flavor of the concentrate.  Since the nugs are still loaded with natural terpenes, this product is the next best thing to our Live Resin and often comes out in a similar sauce consistency.  This line perfect for grows that do not have the ability to freeze their plants fresh, but still want the flavor profile can only result from a frozen product.

Emerald Trim Resin – Our Trim Resin line of products is made by extracting the fully cured resin that is found on smaller popcorn nugs and trim from bigger nugs.  

bosm emerald

With high quality trim and popcorn, we can produce a concentrate that, while not as saucy as our Live Resin, often results in a wonderfully wet budder consistency that is flush with terpenes.  This is one of our most popular lines for Toll Processing since it allows growers to turn material that might otherwise be wasted into an oil that is miles ahead of other trim run concentrates.