At BOSM Labs we pride ourselves on both the strength of our product, as well our professional approach to all aspects of our business. We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality cannabis concentrates and working with our toll processing partners to get the most out of the plants they provide. Check out our Extraction Process section to learn more about our signature Five Point Terpene Protection Plan that we use to guarantee that every concentrate we provide is packed with as much terpene flavor as possible.

The quest for great concentrates doesn’t begin with the extraction process however, and while we will not tell you how to grow your cannabis, we also offer Harvest Consultation Services so that you can be sure from the moment the plant is cut down, it is treated in a way that will produce the highest quality end products.

Different customers have different needs, and to that end we have created several different product offerings, which you can read about more in depth here. We strive to put the same care and attention into every BOSM Labs product that our partners put into growing the cannabis that they are made of.