Extraction Process

ETS MEP Extraction Machine
The modular extraction platform is the standard in cannabis markets and is compliant with all CLASS 1 – DIVISION 1 code requirements.

Every producer has their own method of producing cannabis concentrates and some are certainly better than others. In order to get the high quality, terpene rich concentrates that have become the hallmark of BOSM Labs, we have developed our own five-point method for ensuring that our terpenes are protected at every stage of the extraction process, guaranteeing the best flavor for all of our customers.

Let’s take a closer look at three key points in our extraction process.

Key #1: Gentle Harvest

Any good cannabis concentrate first and foremost relies on great starting product handled by skilled gardeners. To achieve this, at BOSM Labs we work with growers to ensure that they are harvesting their plants in accordance with our strict quality control standards so that the before the plant is even in our hands, we know that is being treated properly. You can find out more about our harvest consultation services here.

Key #2: Delicate Purge

One of the most common mistakes that people make when extracting is to rush the purging process with ovens that are set to high. This costly mistake ruins the terpene profile of the concentrate as they burn off. Instead, we set out ovens low enough that only the solvents will burn off while the terpenes are preserved. This process can take upwards of five days or more, but we feel that patience is rewarded with an exceptional product that properly represents the plant it came from.

Key #3: Protective Environment

This final aspect ensures the product is stored in a way that what comes out of the package the same as what came out of the ovens. Often Live Resin is stored at room temperature which can cause terpenes to evaporate as the concentrates wait to be sent to stores.

Instead, we store and package our entire line of products in a temperature controlled room with minimal human interaction to limit any variables that might degrade the taste and aroma until it is sent out to our customers.