Toll Processing

Why You Should Process With BOSM Labs:

Colorado is the concentrate capital of the world and as such there are a vast number of extraction companies offering their services to you.  The question is, what about BOSM Labs makes us the best and why are we the best value for your business?  Much like Plato’s conception of the soul, the answer to that question has three parts.

Our Product

BOSM Rocky Mtn Fire (4 of 6).jpgThere are many advantages for choosing to have your plants processed as Live Resin.  First and foremost is the product itself. Live Resin is simply put, the best tasting concentrate on the market. A gentle harvest saves the maximum amount of terpenes and creates a flavor profile that is impossible to recreate in traditional extraction techniques. 

From a business standpoint, there are two distinct benefits to choosing Live Resin that are not seen in other extraction methods.  Firstly, by using the whole plant you are able to cut down on labor costs since there is no trimming required. For businesses, margins are everything and this helps reduce the total cost to a company of getting their product onto shelves.  The second benefit seen by businesses choosing Live Resin is in turnaround time.  Because the plant does not need to be trimmed and cured, it can be run within days of harvest and sent back to your stores in less time than it takes most plants finish curing.

These benefits are compounded with the fact that Live Resin is currently on the cutting edge of cannabis technology, with BOSM Labs affording you the opportunity to carry one of the hottest products around without breaking the bank.  You can read more about our different product offerings here.

Our Professionalism

An organization is only as good as the people who comprise it and we have some of the best.  Our extractors have over 25 years of concentrate making experience between them and draw on that wealth of knowledge every day they are in the lab running our machines.  When you trust BOSM Labs with your plants, you can be sure they are going into the hands of experts who make up one of the best extraction teams around.cookies_cream_in_box_w-logo.jpg

In addition to our incredible extraction techs, we have an amazing team of sales representatives who are committed to making sure that processing with BOSM Labs is as effortless as possible.  Never more than a call or email away, our reps are as passionate about our products as you are about your plants. 

Our Process

When it comes to cannabis concentrates, consistency is the name of the game.  There is no use in making concentrates if every batch turns out wildly different than the last one.  To ensure that our customers can be confident every run of BOSM Labs concentrates will meet our standards we have developed a detailed set of standard operating procedures which guide our every move when it comes to concentrate production and provides the framework with which we make our products.

gg4_1gm_boxlid.jpgIn addition to our processes, we work with growers to make sure that they are harvesting in the manner most conducive to producing the best live resin possible.  This harvest consultation service is available to our toll processing clients and guarantees that all of our customers have the means to set their plants up for extraction success.